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I'm a travel writer and photographer based in Seattle, USA. Since 2000, I've worked at Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. — a guidebook publisher, public television and radio producer, and tour operator based in Edmonds, Washington.

I was born in Denver and grew up in Central Ohio, where I graduated with a B.A. (English and German Studies) at Ohio Wesleyan University. After college I went on a backpacking trip across Europe, discovered a passion for travel, and got a job at Rick Steves' Europe.

At Rick Steves' Europe — one of North America's most respected European travel authorities — I've worn many different hats. I started in the Travel Center (retail store and travel advising), coordinated our speakers' bureau, and trained as a tour guide. Soon I shifted into our guidebook department, where I spent 12 years editing America's bestselling guidebook series.

Since 2001, I have spent about 100 days each year in Europe. Most of my time is devoted to researching, updating, and writing new material for guidebooks. I co-author our guidebooks on Eastern Europe (first edition 2004, now in its tenth edition), Croatia & Slovenia (first edition 2007, now in its eighth edition) and Budapest (first edition 2008, now in its sixth edition). While I started my career with a focus on Eastern and Central Europe, I soon pivoted to become a generalist. At one time or another, I have updated or contributed to virtually every Rick Steves guidebook title (in more than 40 different countries). I was a major contributor and/or project manager for our books on Iceland, Scotland, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Berlin, Istanbul, our various phrase books, an upcoming book about Italian food, and books on cruising both in the Mediterranean and in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


As I travel, I always have my camera in hand. My photographs have appeared throughout the Rick Steves' Europe guidebook series, website, and marketing materials. (These days, I shoot with a Nikon D750, toggling between two lenses: the Tamron SP 15-30mm fisheye lends and a Nikon 24-120mm zoom lens.)


Travel break! My favorite country is Slovenia, my favorite big cities are Budapest and London, and my favorite smaller cities are Ljubljana and Sarajevo. I believe Hungarian is the most underrated cuisine in Europe, Vigeland Park in Oslo is the best work of art in Europe, and the three most beautiful places on earth are Norway’s Lofoten Islands, Slovenia's Julian Alps, and the Oregon Coast. The best vacation I ever had in Europe is a tie between the Christmas I spent in the Swiss Alps and the Thanksgiving week I spent at an agriturismo in Tuscany's Val d'Orica.


In addition to my guidebook work, I have also worked as a tour guide, leading Rick Steves' Europe tours in Eastern Europe, Best of the Adriatic, and Poland. Back in the office, I serve as the Content and Editorial Director for Rick Steves' Europe, overseeing and coordinating our many channels of content. I also contribute to the public television series, Rick Steves' Europe (including co-writing and field producing several episodes); appear on the public radio series, Travel with Rick Steves (as a frequent interview guest and as a featured essayist); present a wide variety of travel talks to audiences both live and virtual; and serve as the primary editor (and, often, ghostwriter) for many of Rick Steves' personal writings, including nationally published op-eds.


In 2015, I started a blog of my personal writings and photography, which is hosted at and excerpted on this website. To date I've written more than 250 posts; my story A Visit to Chernobyl: Travel in the Postapocalypse was anthologized in The Best American Travel Writing 2019.

In early 2022, I published a travel memoir (with Travelers' Tales). It's called The Temporary European: Lessons and Confessions of a Professional Traveler. The book collects all of my favorite travel stories from the 25 years I've been exploring Europe, from my semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, to the present day. I zip readers into my rucksack and introduce them to my favorite European places, people, and experiences: Alma, who explains how Bosnian coffee isn't just a drink, it's a social ritual. Luciano, the old farmer who shows up each evening at the agriturismo, knocking on doors and offering homemade grappa. Mathilde, who explains that the true mastery of a French fromager isn't making cheese, but aging it. Roberto, a Tuscan who feels tremendous generational pressure to create a beautiful life. And many others.


Along the way, I offer behind-the-scenes insights into the work of a professional traveler: writing guidebooks, leading tours, producing TV shows, and working with a living legend and his merry band of travelers.


That's about it. Take a look around my site. Enjoy my photos and a few excerpts from my blog. To learn more about what I do, you can check out my CV, find me on LinkedIn, or connect with me on Facebook.


Happy Travels!

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