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What's it like to write guidebooks, lead bus tours, and make travel TV for a living? Find out in my travel memoir, The Temporary European: Lessons and Confessions of a Professional Traveler

In this book, I've collected my favorite travel tales from more than 25 years of exploring Europe. Join me as I sample spleen sandwiches at a Palermo street market; hike alone with the cows high in the Swiss Alps; stew in Budapest's thermal baths; hand-roll pasta at a Tuscan agriturismo; shiver through Highland games in a soggy Scottish village; select the best produce at a Provençal market; navigate Spain's confusing tapas culture; explore London's fun and fascinating street-food scene; and much more.


Along the way, I share many lessons learned from my favorite Europeans. My stories are packed with ideas and insights for your next trip. You'll also get a reality check for what seems to be a traveler's dream job. Not just for Rick Steves fans but for anyone who loves Europe, The Temporary European is inspiring, insightful, and fun.

The Temporary European is published by Travelers' Tales. You can get it at any bookstore, including



You can read excerpts from The Temporary European here:

Coffee and Cejf: How to Travel as a Temporary European

That Wonderful Language Barrier

Favorite (and Least Favorite) Places in Europe

Live Candles on the Tree: Christmas in Switzerland (Deleted Chapter)



Rick Steves and I had a fun conversation about this topic on his public radio show, Travel with Rick Steves.

And we enjoyed comparing notes and sharing stories about traveling as a Temporary European on Monday Night Travel:









I have also been interviewed about The Temporary European on the Destination Eat Drink podcast.


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