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For a more formal look at my career and work, download my CV

Below you'll find easy links to some of the things mentioned in my CV.


I've co-authored each edition of these three guidebooks:

...and have heavily contributed to each of these, among others:

Television Writing and Production

I have frequently contributed to the public television show Rick Steves' Europe. I have co-written and field-produced five episodes. You can watch one of these — Romania — here; below are links to the other four.

Travel Talks

I regularly present travel talks to audiences numbering in the hundreds. Several of these have been filmed. You can watch one of them below, followed by links to others. 

Radio/Podcast Interviews and Essays

I've also appeared regularly as a featured essayist and interview guest on the nationally broadcast public radio show and podcast, Travel with Rick Steves. Here are links to several of my appearances.

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